FIBC -Bulk Bag

FIBC -Bulk Bag

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(1) FIBC-Bulk Bags




-         Description: PP/PE material. Type as bottom sling, side sling, inner baffle bulk and lock stitch type etc. The SWL for the bulk bags from 500KG~2000KG, SAFTY FACTOR 5:1 or 6:1.

-         Application: Packing for 500~2000KG cargo, such as indigenous, food, chemical material and construction sands or stones, etc.


(2) Conductive Bags



-         Description: Type-C conductive bag. White PP woven fabric with black conductive yarn, conductive resistance ≤108ohm.

-         Application: For chemical products or other bulk cargo, well release the anti-static or conduct resistance to protect the cargo from bombing.